Polycom introduces relief for VAE shortage

polycomDalton-Polycom, a division of Taylor Adhesives, said the water-based EcoBlend dispersion of recycled PVB (polyvinyl butyral) can make up to 30% of the VAE (vinyl acetate-ethylene emulsion) precoat used primarily by manufacturers in carpet tile production. to replace .

“Supply chain constraints have impacted carpet mills in a number of different critical components,” said Gary Bartley, chief chemist at Polycom. “VAE is used as a precoat, flame retardant carrier and for laminating secondary layers. By adding our PVB dispersion to their now limited UAE offering, we can increase their carpet production by expanding their range of UAE precoat without any performance change.”

Polycom EcoBlend is made from a proprietary process that converts chips and pellets of polyvinyl butyral, recovered from the film found in discarded car windows and safety glass, into a water-based dispersion. “Carpet manufacturers are also excited that EcoBlend is actually improving their sustainability story by incorporating post-consumer or post-industrial recycled content into their carpet product,” Bartley said.

EcoBlend is unaffected by current supply chain constraints, is produced here and can be delivered quickly. “We are very excited to be able to help the carpet industry with an essential part that is in short supply,” Bartley said. “We want to provide those factories with what they need.”

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