Police urge parents to take control of their children after some were seen on top of shop roofs

Selby. Photo © Google StreetView

Police in Selby have asked parents to talk to their children and ensure they are not involved in incidents involving dangerous behavior and property damage.

Speak to them Facebook page tonight, Selby Police say:

“There is a small group of teenagers who are currently acting antisocial in Selby town center and causing a nuisance to members of the community.

“In addition, there have also been reports of property damage, public order violations, climbing on shop roofs and attempts to enter disused unsafe buildings.”

Cops say they are calling on parents of children in the city to make sure their child is not involved. They continued:

“If you find out that they need to take the proper steps to take control of them, otherwise this could result in a trip to York jail to pick up your child after they are arrested, or worse, a trip to A&E if they are on the roof or injured in the disused building. “

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