Plumbing Repair Calgary Service Taking Proactive Steps to Further Increase Customer Satisfaction

Reliable Plumbers Calgary has built a solid reputation in its area when it comes to installing and repairing plumbing fixtures. Despite this, the company is still looking for ways to provide its customers with an even better experience when working with them. Evidence of this comes in the form of several steps the company has taken to increase response times, efficiency and customer service. Company owner Mike Reliable believes these proactive new steps will go a long way to preserving their reputation as one of the most complete plumbing installation and repair services in the Calgary area. More details about this company’s services and recent events can be seen on its website at:

Reliable says: “While it is true that we are already a highly regarded plumbing installation and repair company, we are not one to rest on our laurels. That’s why our company’s staff is constantly looking for ways to make our already great plumbing repair services even better. It’s an approach that all reputable companies like ours must follow to stay on top. We will continue to devise new ways to make our customers happy with our overall plumbing installation and repair performance.”


The company owner went on to highlight the steps they have just taken to better serve their customers. It all starts with hiring new employees to perform their plumbing and boiler services. He added that these aren’t just regular workers either, as they all have the experience, training, and other credentials that allow them to do a wide variety of plumbing jobs. It was also stated that part of the criteria for hiring these individuals is that they have demonstrated an understanding of the importance of customer service when performing their plumbing and installation repairs. In addition to hiring new employees, Reliable also knew it was imperative to purchase new trucks to take full advantage of their new hires and increase response times in the process. He stated that he also realizes that covering the plumbing needs of the people of the Calgary area is a daunting task, no matter how many workers he can get on the road at once. That’s why he’s taken the unprecedented step of partnering with other plumbing companies in Calgary. Something that he believes will provide better service and some more affordable quotes for their services.

Reliable expects these new employees to help when it comes to the many different boilers they offer. This includes installing the wide variety of replacement water heaters they stock right away. He pointed out that they also do many different water heater repairs, including replacing heating elements and troubleshooting water heater control issues. The company has also become one of the leading plumbing services in the region when it comes to installing and repairing tankless water heaters. According to the business owner, having more trucks on the road will also help them better serve their customers’ emergency plumbing needs. They will do this by requiring both old and new plumbing technicians to periodically make themselves available for after-hours emergency plumbing calls. He realizes that plumbing issues don’t just happen between their normal 8am-5pm work hours, so having a tech on standby can help them respond more quickly to any plumbing issues their clients are experiencing. It was also mentioned that these new trucks they recently bought are slightly bigger. That’s their tech to have more commonly used plumbing repair parts in them. Something very important when it comes to completing an after-hours plumbing service in just a one-way trip to a client’s home or business.

Those who would like more information about the plumbing installation and repair services that Reliable Plumbers Calgary offers can refer to the main website mentioned above or visit their company site which can be found at


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