Plumbers say watch what you are putting in the disposal

If you want to keep your garbage disposal going, pay attention to what you put in it.

One sound I will never be able to hear is the sound of my mother providing pork chops. As a kid trying to yell at the sound of bones crunching in the sink, I remember saying “this can’t be good for the removal, Mom.” The grinding would continue as Mon would try to explain that pig bones were softer bones and therefore would not cause damage. Well, that just sounds crazy, but it would explain why we always seemed to replace the deletion.

Time for a fun fact. The disposal was invented in 1927 by John Hammes of Wisconsin. and he called the device the SinkErator. It wasn’t until after World War II that the, now renamed garbage disposal, popped up in new homes in the suburbs.

Here is a list of items that should not be thrown away.

Let’s start with bones. No, just don’t. Bones don’t sharpen knives, that’s a myth. Bones in the disposal will break and break the blades.

Pasta and flour are foods that are unsuitable for waste disposal. When mixed with water, it turns into a sticky mess.

Eggshells have no place at your disposal. Once the shells are ground up, they tend to get stuck in your pipes and make a mess.

Coffee grounds, another garbage disposal no-no, they can clump together and clog the drain.

If you’ve been thinking about composting, coffee grounds and eggshells are perfect for it.

Fruit kernels and nuts. both can break your disposable blades, and the nuts can end up as sticky peanut butter clogging your pipes.

Corn husks and your disposal are not a good mix. The chaff turns into a fibrous mess and can really screw up the waste disposal. Corn husks would be another great addition to a compost pile, so keep that in mind.

Corn husks would be another great addition to a compost pile, so keep that in mind.

One more thing that has no place in the disposal is a spoon. I’m not sure how that keeps happening at my house, but it is, and like bones, grinding a spoonful in the garbage disposal is definitely not a good sound.

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