Plumbers appoint new president

SNIPEF Chairman Robin Hall
SNIPEF Chairman Robin Hall

Robin Hall has succeeded as vice president. He has taken over from Elgin’s Neil Hadden, whose presidency was extended by one year during the Covid emergency. Hadden said, “I am stepping down after an eventful tenure, but I couldn’t put the baton in better hands than Robin’s. I know he will do everything possible to grow and develop the Federation’s key role in the industry. “

Other announcements at last week’s AGM were that former SNIPEF president and long-term member Gordon Matheson is retiring and that George Baxter will assume the role of junior vice president.

Hall has held a number of leadership positions at SNIPEF over the course of 20 years, including his position as Junior Vice President, Vice President and President of the Edinburgh Department.

He said: “After an unprecedented year in which Neil Hadden and SNIPEF CEO Fiona Hodgson took the profession through uncharted waters, I believe I am taking the role at a time when we can be a little more optimistic.

“There is no doubt that the industry suffered badly during the Covid year, when only emergency work could be done. The impact on employment, training and apprenticeships was serious, but I think we are now getting back on track.

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“The fact remains that Scotland and Northern Ireland are short of skilled, qualified plumbers and heating technicians, whose expertise will be vital as the country pursues the energy efficiency goals necessary for the transition to a net zero economy.”

Hall said he is committed to the goals outlined in SNIPEF’s pre-election manifesto, including: the transition to net zero; labor matters; fair work measures, such as project bank accounts and deductions measures; and title protection.

He said, “I especially want to make progress on title protection, which I believe is fundamental to the integrity of the profession. As a simple matter of public safety, those who work in the industry must do so in a safe and competent manner. “

Hall also paid tribute to the work of the SNIPEF team in helping create the Construction Industry Coronavirus (CICV) Forum – a collaboration of trade associations, professional associations, companies and individuals, who came together to protect and guide the industry during the pandemic . . “The Forum was quick and determined to get construction back on track, and it has been invaluable support to employers and staff alike,” he said. “But it also brought the industry together in a way that has never been seen before, to work towards a common goal.

“While the immediate constraints of the Covid year are diminishing, the work of the Forum will continue, with unanimity, dedication and determination to not only save the industry, but improve and expand it. I will fully support SNIPEF’s continued collaboration. “

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