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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: For many self-employed, the lockdown was tough.
Beauticians and technicians, who used to earn their living by taking care of the customer’s wishes door-to-door, had to sit down and this had consequences for their income. Mihir ES, born in Thrissur and his friends, Bijith Baby, Arun Kumar and Sooraj PP, have come up with a free mobile application, Taskmario, that allows home and lifestyle services to be delivered to your doorstep.

Although Taskmario was founded in 2018, questions poured in after the first lockdown was announced.
At present, the application is active in Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi and Thrissur. The app makes it possible to find everyone in their area, from plumbers to hairstylists.

“The idea was the result of a personal experience. When I was abroad, I found it difficult to arrange for plumbers, electricians and painters to maintain my home. They also did not mention fixed wages. When I discussed the issue with my friends in 2018, we decided to submit an application that would help the situation,” said Mihir, who gave up his foreign job and devoted his time to make the application a reality. The application is a boon to many technicians who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

Hareesh MK, an air conditioner repairman from Balaramapuram, shares his happiness that he can get to work via the app. “Many of my friends have lost their jobs due to the lockdown and pandemic. However, I was able to survive because I got orders for electronic repairs after joining the Taskmario team. I could earn a living in these difficult times and I feel safe. Because the service charges have already been published, neither the customers nor the service providers can negotiate rates,” he says.

The lockdown effect
According to the founders, the mobile app became the need of the hour due to the pandemic. The team also ensures Covid protocols are followed by service providers to ensure customer safety and app credibility. “The service we provide includes home salon, home and bathroom cleaning only, electronic repairs and sanitation teams. They are all registered service providers and we have trained them in Covid protocols. We support our registered employees to get vaccinated quickly as a safety measure,” he says.

The team also provides their service to Covid positive customers. “Most of the questions from all three districts are for hairstylists. In addition to the mobile application, you can also log in to our website and select the desired service,” says Mihir.

You can contact the team at 9562562746 or through the mobile application. Website:

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