Pivot Energy developing 41-MW ‘income-qualified’ community solar portfolio

Multi-state utility Xcel Energy contracted Spin energy to develop a 41 MW community solar portfolio that will serve households below a certain income threshold.

By offering affordable community solar plans to income-qualified households, Pivot Energy can serve groups traditionally left out of the clean energy transition and facing many of the most adverse climate impacts.

“We are excited to partner with Pivot Energy on this community solar portfolio,” said Emmett Romine, VP of customer solutions and innovation for Xcel Energy. “By subscribing to these community solar gardens, our income-qualifying customers can save on energy bills and be part of the clean energy transformation.”

Developing an income-qualified portfolio of this size is possible in Colorado because of the state’s renewable energy regulatory landscape, which is designed to address energy equity issues while meeting public demand for a clean, emission-free energy production.

“I am proud that Pivot Energy, a Colorado-based company, is leading the effort to expand access to renewable energy for low-income households,” said former Governor Bill Ritter. “The clean energy transition will only be successful if it can provide clean, reliable energy for all of us regardless of income, and developing a 100% income-qualified solar portfolio on this scale will support countless Coloradans.”

Pivot partners with community organizations to allocate and manage subscriptions to those most in need through the SunCentral platform, its proprietary cloud-based software.

“Pivot Energy is excited to deploy this portfolio, which will deliver significant benefits – both ecologically and economically – to thousands of income earners,” said Tom Hunt, CEO of Pivot Energy. “As the renewable energy industry strives to advance both energy equality and the clean energy transition, I hope other states and utilities will follow the leadership and constructive collaboration of Xcel Energy and the State of Colorado to promote more equitable access. to facilitate clean energy.”

News item from Pivot Energy

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