Pfister Energy adds microgrids to offerings through partnership with Scale

Project at Thomas Foods International in New Jersey.

Pfister Energy and Scale Microgrid Solutions have announced a partnership to provide tailor-made energy solutions for companies seeking cleaner and more resilient energy.

The two companies bring together a unique ability to build systems for their customers that offer complete energy resilience.

Pfister Energy has a long tradition of providing on-site renewable energy in conjunction with other distributed sources. The company began offering stackable energy solutions more than 20 years ago, combining photovoltaics, solar thermal, stormwater harvesting, natural daylight, lighting controls, EV charging stations and storage solutions as on-site solutions for their customers.

Through its partnership with Scale, Pfister Energy can now add microgrid technology to its offering, enabling these solutions to be optimized.

“Scale Microgrid Solutions brings us the technology and experience we need to get started,” said Wayne Pfisterer, president of Pfister Energy. “We are delighted to have such a trusted partner to help us continue our vision of how buildings should be designed and built in the future.”

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