People of the 10th anniversary Top Solar Contractors list: Sumit Bhatnagar, GreenBrilliance 

For the 10th anniversary of the Top Solar Contractors list, we’re sharing Q&As with the people who make the industry run every day. Read more interviews here.

How did you get started with solar energy?

GreenBrilliance’s solar journey began 14 years ago, in 2007. When EPC solar companies were rare to find, turnkey solar energy was a term practically invented by GreenBrilliance. With Europe and the rest of the world adopting solar energy at a tremendous pace, and America lagging behind and just trying to pick up some solar energy both on the residential and commercial side, it was a perfect opportunity for GreenBrilliance to to offer turnkey solar solutions in the country’s Mid-Atlantic region.

What is your favorite part of working in the solar industry?

There are two reasons why every member of GreenBrilliance wants to be a part of the solar industry. The first is the satisfaction of offering a system and seeing a satisfied customer. The satisfaction of doing a solar PV system for hundreds of customers every day and seeing a smile and appreciation from these customers where they can realize the value of their investment, treated in a very friendly way by contractors, which in the world is not consists of contracting.

Second, as a team of hardcore technologists at heart, we pride ourselves on using technology that challenges us intellectually and seeks to help prepare a cleaner planet for generations to come.

What has surprised you most about the solar industry in recent years?

The solar industry has changed significantly over the past 14 years. What amazes me is how easy it has become for homeowners to get a solar PV system, how easy it is for sales teams to create a highly informative and detailed proposal at the click of a button, and how easy it is. has become to be thorough with our client’s history using a robust CRM. The solar industry has literally transformed in the last 14 years where we can now best serve the customers and also the growth of the solar industry has become sustainable so that solar companies like ours can project the growth.

What are your solar predictions for the next 10 years?

Solar energy is central to the global economy. In America, the growth rate of solar energy has doubled almost every year for the past four years and the projections for the next 10 years are very similar. There are about 140 million houses in the country and solar energy is unstoppable until every house in the country gets solar power, with an average 10 kW system on a roof and the efficiency of the panels, and the possession of solar energy becomes affordable, solar energy is unstoppable. So if solar has grown even in 10 years, we are talking about 140 GW per year and the power of distributed solar will be significantly stronger. It can be seen as competition for the grid, but the beauty is that adding solar energy helps to cool the pressure off the grid and helps the grid last longer by working with the grid rather than against it. into the net. The sooner the utilities begin to realize this, the faster the growth of solar energy would be, and that’s what we’re witnessing today.

How did you/your company stand out in the past year?

We have seen unprecedented growth, even when last year was an unpredictable one. Even with every economy in the world crippled by COVID-19, solar energy has been an industry that has seen significant growth from the mere fact that people started staying at home, companies started working from home, students started studying from home, families started working from home. have been better connected to their homes since last year than in decades past. Then came the marked increase in electricity bills and to deal with unexpectedly high bills, solar energy was a major reason for people to consider as an alternative option. Even though it has been a year of grief, turmoil and grief, and we sympathize with all who have lost their loved ones, the solar industry has certainly stood strong together to continue the good work to clean up the environment and to make our earth a better place .

How do you help improve the industry?

The power of GreenBrilliance is to inform every customer. The biggest power we want to add in this industry is to raise awareness, increase respect for solar, and increase homeowners’ intelligence quotient (IQ) to see the value of investing in solar, not just for themselves and their homes, but for a cleaner future and the next generation.

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