Patcraft introduces Gel Print collection

patcraftCartersville, Ga.—Patcraft, a leader in high-performance commercial flooring, introduced its latest modular collection, Gel Print. Gel Print is available in five complementary carpet tile styles in 10 neutral colors.

According to Patcraft, the product design was inspired by a series of original artworks created using a gel plate printing technique. Amanda Hopkins, product designer for Patcraft, said she explored different methods of paint application, using various tools to create variety through positive and negative space.

“The abstract images of the artwork had these soft curves and flowing patterns, which we used to represent the movement and shape of each pattern in the collection,” Hopkins said. “The monotype prints created several designs that we then scanned to digitally adjust the scale and contrast.”

Gel Print is available in five 18 x 36 carpet tile styles in a variety of constructions for flexibility of use in commercial interiors. Impress has a circular pattern with different widths, while Paint Transfer and Composed Layer offer more abstract images for pattern variation. Both Monotype and Unfold’s visuals have an elongated, sweeping effect with depth and color saturation for movement and transition across the floor.

“For the color line, we reinvented a biophilic palette,” Hopkins said. “We found that pouring in softer shades of pink, jade and ginger created a delicate, yet dynamic colorway. Together, these colors read as neutral for a modern take on biophilia, enhancing a calming aesthetic.”

Gel Print is made from EcoSolution Q nylon and EcoWorx backing and is Cradle to Cradle Certified Silver. Products are backed by limited lifetime warranties against staining, colorfastness to light, static and abrasive wear for maximum performance and appearance retention.

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