Paradise Energy Solutions covers entire rounded commercial roof with solar

Paradise Energy Solutions helped a Pennsylvania printing company lower its energy costs by installing solar power in two of its buildings. Mercersburg Printing, a commercial design and printing company, now has a 447 kW array made of 1,092 Axitec solar panels, providing 466,052 kWh of electricity annually.

Credit: Paradise Energy Solutions

Between printing presses, climate control and lighting, the company’s utility bills make up a significant portion of operating costs, and solar energy will cut those costs by about 60%.

“We live in an area where the cost of electricity isn’t exorbitant right now,” said Doug Sheenberger, owner and president of Mercersburg Printing. “You look at some of the other parts of the country where they’re already paying dramatically more for power and you realize this may be headed our way.”

With the 26% Solar Investment Tax Credit and 100% Bonus Depreciation, companies can recoup a significant portion of installation costs in the first year alone. In addition to these widely available incentives, Mercersburg Printing was awarded a competitive USDA REAP Grant.

“To basically put a price on our electrical use, or a lot of our electrical use, for years to come is one way to control a cost when we see a lot of things that are hard to control,” says Sheenberger. say. “We view those savings as something that can give you a small competitive advantage over time. There is also a marketing aspect to that: the ability to align with what people are looking for, in how their jobs are produced and the impact their jobs have on the environment.”

Unlike most flat commercial roofs, Mercersburg Printing’s main building has a rounded roof.

“We had a lot of technical support to figure out how to fix the circular trusses and purlins,” said Charlie Allen, project manager at Paradise Energy. “We also had to work with our fitting manufacturer to find an attachment that would allow us to connect to those rafters and also maintain the waterproofing to the clapboards.”

Sheenberger added: “It gives you a new appreciation for sunny days. To not only have the sun, but to know that you actually generate electricity with it.”

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