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There is a focus on building a greener future.

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New opportunities for more skill-based careers have been unveiled by Scarborough Construction Skills Village as it continues to expand.

In addition to a range of green building techniques, training is starting for the next generation of skilled plumbers, heating engineers, electricians and interior builders.

The new, larger skills village site at High Eastfield Farm, near Musham Bank off the A64, creates a Green Oak Business Centre, Student Hub, Green Energy Training and Plant Training Space, with a community cafe and rentable units for new ventures. The work has already begun.

It will host two open days on Thursday, July 8 and Tuesday, August 24, to provide hands-on experiences and tasting sessions across the full range of construction sectors, including joinery, masonry, earthwork and plastering, with a guided tour showing the scale of development.

Two carbon neutral green show homes are also to be built – and a tree will be planted for each new student.

Graham Ratcliffe, head of Northern Regeneration who runs the skills village, said:

“We have great opportunities from people of all ages and backgrounds to learn building skills in Scarborough.

“Thousands of new construction workers are needed to support the post-pandemic leveling agenda and good growth.

“With new technology and green methodology, the construction industry is rapidly changing and needs to attract people who want to help build a new future for themselves and their communities.”

The new sanitary, heating, electrical and interior building courses according to national standards are:

• Level 3 Installation electrician and maintenance electrician / Institute for Learning and Technical Education (from September, aim for 12 students)

• Level 3 Plumbing and Heating Technician / Institute for Learning and Technical Education (from September, aim for 12 students)

• Level 2 Drylining Systems Installer interior systems / Institute for Learning and Technical Education (from January 2022, aim for 12 students)

Electrical learners learn how to install, maintain and repair electrical systems in industrial, commercial and domestic environments and how to operate safely.

Plumbing and heating students learn how to plan, select, install, maintain, commission and maintain all aspects of plumbing and heating systems.

The drylining apprentices will be part of a rapidly growing industry and learn new construction renovation, including the construction of partitions, walls and ceilings for the renovation of hotels, schools, football stadiums, hospitals and more.

Factory training qualifications and health and safety courses are also important aspects of the operation.

The Yorkshire and Humberside region will need 19,000 new construction workers over the next four years.

Mr Ratcliffe said:

“I would like to thank Robert Goodwill MP for his support and also the Scarborough Town Deal board who have allocated £535,000 to help us develop two prototype low carbon houses and train apprentices in green building methods.”

The Open Days and Skill Village Tour at High Eastfield Farm YO11 3PP on 8th July and 24th August runs from 10am to 12pm and 1pm to 3pm.

Experienced craftsmen ready to impart skills and knowledge in joinery, masonry, earthwork, plastering, drywall, plumbing or electrical are also required as assessors and trainers.

The skills village looks for contacts with employers who want to hire students, with help and advice.

Contact Construction Skills Village Jenna Redmond about the new or existing courses or internships on 01723 585009 or at info@skills-village.co.uk

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