Nonprofit increases efforts to fix leaking roofs for those who can’t afford it

JOHNS ISLAND, SC (WCSC) – Sea Island Habitat for Humanity has plans to repair dozens of Lowland roofs as part of their Roof Repair Rally.

Through the program they want to repair at least 30 roofs before the end of the summer. But spokesman Sheilagh Carlisle says they are struggling to make ends meet with high timber prices.

Carlisle says the cost of repairing a roof has doubled since the coronavirus pandemic first struck. To make the Roof Repair Rally a reality, they want to raise $100,000.

Nearly 80 homeowners are on the waiting list to get their roofs fixed, and Carlisle says the sooner they can reach these people, the better.

Carlisle says they need donations and volunteersespecially volunteers with roofing experience or contractors.

“Sometimes we forget that there are neighbors around us who may not live in the best of conditions,” she says. “For us that we can fix some roofs, some doors or driveways and really improve the quality of life for our neighbors here, I just think it’s a great thing to do.”

Carlisle says it can cost a homeowner more than $10,000 to fix a leaking roof.

They recently repaired a roof for a local veteran who couldn’t afford to fix it, but couldn’t afford to continue living in it either.

“There were actually some holes in the roof, you could see through the sky,” Carlisle says. “They were covered with a few tarps to try and keep the weather out.”

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