NineDot Energy unveils 12.32-MWh Tesla Megapack storage project in the Bronx

NineDot Energy has unveiled its first battery energy storage facility in the Bronx, New York City. With a 3.08 MW/12.32 MWh Tesla Megapack system, a 26 kW solar canopy and infrastructure ready for bi-directional electric vehicle chargers, this NineDot Energy site is a model for developing future urban clean energy projects.

“We are excited to formally cut the ribbon on our ‘Gunther’ Bronx battery energy storage site,” said David Arfin, CEO and co-founder of NineDot Energy. “Building battery storage locations in a densely populated urban environment requires an unusual array of skills and experience all brought together in NineDot Energy, as well as support from a wide range of visionary regulators and policymakers and an amazing group of dedicated partners that we are today thanking.”

NineDot Energy is building its battery storage locations in areas at the intersection of existing infrastructure and high energy demand.

“With a barely used tract of land in the Bronx, NineDot Energy created a groundbreaking clean energy site for this community,” said Adam Cohen, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of NineDot Energy. “Finding the right locations requires a deep understanding of network design and regulations, along with extensive project finance and decision science skills, and we believe NineDot uniquely brings all of these capabilities together into one innovative company. “

With battery storage, the Gunther site not only makes the local grid more robust, but also integrates more clean energy into the grid during times of peak demand.

News item from NineDot Energy

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