New Texas electricity retailer will reward customers who limit peak power demands

The newest retail electricity provider in Texas, OhmConnect Energy (OCE), has entered the ERCOT market and will deliver fixed-rate electricity while rewarding customers for energy-saving efforts.

In return for their efforts at reducing their energy use during peak energy times when stress on the electric grid is highest, OCE gives its customers reward points that can be turned into cash, converted into credits on their electricity bills, entered into prize drawings or used to buy smart devices that further reduce their energy use. This saves customers money while relieving pressure on the Texas grid.

When customers participate in OCE’s events, which are typically one-hour long, they can reduce their annual energy bill by 10-15%, but there are no limits to a customer’s earning potential.

“Texans are seeing a series of highly disruptive extreme weather events as of late,” said Don Whaley, President of OhmConnect Energy. “Whether it’s freeze-outs or heat waves, OCE offers Texas consumers the chance to be a part of the solution needed to stabilize the grid: we’ll pay you to help us keep the lights on. This is how we’re bringing innovation to an industry untouched by change for the last 20 years.”

This “flexible demand” program is modeled after parent company OhmConnect’s business in California, where its nearly 200,000 customers played an integral role in helping prevent blackouts the last two summers. OhmConnect’s impact was recognized in March of 2021, when it won Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Award

All Texas residents within the competitive regions of ERCOT are eligible to receive service from OCE and participate in the company’s demand response programs. Smart devices (ie, smart thermostat and smart plug) can be synced to OCE to automatically reduce energy use at peak times, which makes getting paid even easier. Customers will always know when their thermostat will be turned up a few degrees and can very easily – and with no penalties – opt out of an event.

Customers with solar and energy storage devices can also participate in OCE’s events.

“OCE is not your average energy provider,” Whaley continued. “We’re fusing proven innovation with Texas style to give customers what they need. This is how we’ll mitigate the effects of extreme weather for Texas residents and bring the state closer to a stable, reliable energy future.”

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