New solar microgrid brings resilient power to San Pasqual Band of Mission Indians

The SPBMI Microgrid is an integrated renewable energy system that provides a resilient energy supply to critical facilities, including the San Pasqual Tribal Hall, law enforcement, fire, housing and educational buildings that serve as community centers. Further; this will help SPBMI achieve the goals of its Energy and Resilience Plan and reduce the tribe’s environmental footprint.

With microgrid controls provided by Gridscape, the system will provide solar power to meet San Pasqual’s electricity needs during the day, store excess generation for use during peak periods, and provide reserve power for power outage resilience, including Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS). .

“The SPBMI Microgrid system is a testament to the tribe’s quality of life and serves as a demonstration for many other tribal organizations in the US,” said Vipul Gore, president and CEO of Gridscape. “We are extremely grateful and proud to be working with SPBMI staff, Industria Power, Prosper Sustainability and other partners in this exciting project.”

News item from Gridscape

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