New Illinois law makes it easier for HOA community members to install rooftop solar

Gov. JB Pritzker signed legislation protecting Illinoisians’ right to clean energy and access to solar power. A revision to the Homeowners’ Energy Policy Statement Act, HB 644 will guarantee homeowners’ rights to place solar on their home without major redesign requirements, while improving the timeline for approval by a homeowners’ association (HOA).

“HB 644 is an important bill that will eliminate red tape for families and businesses that are helping our state make the transition to a clean energy future,” said Rep. Dan Didech (D- Buffalo Grove), the bill’s chief House sponsor. “The governor’s action this week brings us one step closer to a world where our state can take full advantage of the potential offered by solar energy technologies.”

This bill will enable greater deployment of customer-sited generation, like rooftop solar, by recognizing the right all Illinoisans have to generate and store their own clean electricity. Rooftop solar empowers people with the ability to generate their own power on their own property and store it in a battery for resilience even in the event of grid outages.

“Renewable energy is the future,” said Senator Adriane Johnson (D- Buffalo Grove), chief Senate sponsor. “We need to be breaking down barriers for homeowners to take advantage of clean energy and lower bills, and I am proud that the changes this bill enacts will help do just that.”

News item from the Illinois Environmental Council

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