Nevada Gold Mines will extract 200 MW of solar energy to power operations

Nevada Gold Mines (NGM) is investing in a 200-MW solar project designed to accelerate its decarbonization program in line with the Barrick Gold Corporation’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Roadmap. NGM is majority owned and operated by Barrick.

NGM is partnering with US manufacturer First Solar to procure all modules required to support construction. The company has commenced detailed engineering and expects to begin construction in the third quarter of 2022. NGM expects to commission the finished portfolio in early 2024.

NGM has committed to a 20% carbon reduction by 2025. This will be achieved through the new solar array construction and the conversion of NGM’s coal fired power plant to cleaner burning natural gas.

“The project is the latest in a series of carbon-reducing initiatives across the group’s global operations,” said Barrick group sustainability executive Grant Beringer. “The solar power plant will complement the transition of NGM’s coal power plant to a dual fuel process, which will enable it to generate electricity from natural gas, reducing carbon emissions by as much as 50%.”

News item from Barrick

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