Nautilus Solar completes Maryland community solar project serving low-income residents

Nautilus Solar Power, an owner-operator of solar projects in the United States, opened one of Maryland’s largest community solar projects, which will provide 54% of the generated power to low-to-middle-income (LMI) residents.

Credit: Nautilus Solar Power

Located in Kingsville, the 1.8 MW project will provide clean solar access to 293 homes in Maryland, including 157 LMI residents within the Baltimore Gas & Electric Company (BGE) service area.

“The opening of this community solar project is significant because it embodies Nautilus’ commitment to provide fair, affordable access to community solar energy for all Marylanders,” said Jim Rice, co-founder and co-CEO of Nautilus Solar. “We are grateful to the State of Maryland for taking the lead in providing underserved communities with a choice to receive the economic and environmental benefits of locally produced, clean energy.”

Qualified under the Maryland Community Solar Pilot program, the community solar park in Kingsville is one of 12 Nautilus projects (six in operation and six under development) with a 30-54% capacity for the LMI community. Nautilus received a grant from the Maryland Energy Administration to provide LMI subscribers with a guaranteed 25% discount on the community portion of their electric bill; all other customers are guaranteed to save 10% per year.

“MEA is deeply committed to ensuring that all residents and businesses, regardless of income, have access to the growing clean energy economy,” said Mary Beth Tung, director of the Maryland Energy Administration. “Community solar is an ideal solution for realizing real savings by reducing energy costs for low-to-middle income Marylanders. I congratulate the Nautilus Solar team on completing this project. This project is certainly a textbook example of government agencies that partnering with commercial enterprises to improve the lives of all Marylanders.”

The community solar project was developed by Power52 Energy Solutions, a renewable energy employment and career training organization for at-risk adults, returning citizens and disadvantaged individuals in Baltimore City, in accordance with BGE’s state-approved solar pilot program. As an owner operator, Nautilus will be responsible for project management, long-term asset management and maintenance services for the project.

“This project aligns perfectly with our mission to help everyone benefit from solar energy, not just a few,” said Gary Skulnik, CEO of neighborhood sun, whose company is responsible for the ongoing customer management of the project. “Working with the Nautilus team has allowed us to reach out to underserved communities and groups in the Baltimore area and provide them with significant savings while cleaning up local skies.”

Community solar is unique in that it offers residents who previously had no access to solar energy the opportunity to subscribe to a local solar project and save money without having to invest in or install a system on their roof. Today, 20 states and the District of Columbia allow community solar programs, creating local jobs and stimulating local economic investment.

News item from Nautilus Solar Energy

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