National Weather Service says two touched down Thursday

After surveying damage from a Thursday storm system that felled trees and damaged homes around Harrington and Milford, the National Weather Service said late Friday that two tornadoes hit the area.

NWS confirmed the first tornado in the afternoon Friday as officials were still assessing the area. That one started in the area of Farmington, south of Harrington. The weather service confirmed a second tornado touched down east of Milford.

Neither tornado caused any injuries, NWS said. Both were EF1 tornadoes, which bring wind speeds of 86 to 110 mph. 

A destroyed barn is seen at the home of Michelle Mills after a tornado hit the Cedar Neck area the evening before Friday, July 2, 2021.

The tornado that started near Farmington had estimated peak winds of 90 mph. It started at 4:52 p.m. was about 50 yards wide. It traveled less than four miles, finishing near Houston about three minutes later, NWS said. 

The tornado was caused after “an embedded severe thunderstorm interacted with a sea breeze and remnant outflow boundary,” according to the weather service.

Heather Haneline, who lives south of Harrington, said Thursday she saw two storm systems colliding and some clouds swirling near her home. 

She said she normally sees some interesting skies in her area as storms roll through, but had “never quite seen a swirl like this.”

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The tornado knocked down and snapped several trees in a narrow swath after touching down near a residence in Farmington. The tornado then moved over railroad tracks and a cornfield before ripping metal roofing off of a business as it trekked toward S. Dupont Highway. It later knocked a tree into a home along Hogtown Road and downed power lines along Hunting Quarter Road, NWS said. The tornado weakened and lifted just west of Deep Grass Lane near Houston.

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