Napavine School District to Receive $225,000 For HVAC, Lighting, Boiler Improvements

By the staff of The Chronicle

The Napavine School District will receive a $ 225,000 grant from the Washington State Department of Commerce to replace the high school’s outdated boiler plant, improve HVAC systems, and install LED lighting throughout the school.

The award is part of nearly $ 4 million in state grants announced Thursday that will be awarded to state and local government agencies for 17 energy efficiency projects, according to a press release.

Thanks to these projects, more than five million kilowatt hours of electricity – about enough to power 480 households – will be reduced annually.

“The Napavine School district appreciates the cooperation with the Department of Commerce,” Chief Inspector Shane Shultz said in a statement. “This project strikes a great balance between energy savings and HVAC infrastructure improvements in our high school. This project will have an immediate positive impact on the learning environment of our institution. We warmly welcome the cooperation and partnership with the Ministry of Commerce. ”

The State’s 2021 State Energy Strategy identifies energy efficiency in buildings as a core strategy to meet decarbonisation targets. It aims to reduce energy consumption in buildings by 26% by 2050.

Buildings represent about one-fifth of the state’s greenhouse gas emissions, including electricity consumption, said director of commerce Lisa Brown.

“Investing to make public buildings energy efficient is an important part of our state’s clean energy future. These projects will reduce harmful emissions, save on energy costs for schools and other public buildings, and create good jobs that strengthen communities across the state, ”Brown said in a statement.

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