Namasté Solar campaign donates community solar subscriptions to 176 families

Keep the Lights on Colorado has raised $43,900 that will be used to make solar energy more accessible to 176 Colorado families. Regional installer Namaste Solar raised the money through 16 corporate sponsors and 60 individual donors to provide community solar subscriptions to low-income families.

Namasté Solar founded Keep the Lights on Colorado in 2020 to honor her vision of engaging in and creating holistic wealth for the community. It’s a month-long annual campaign that raises money for Energy Outreach Colorado, a Denver-based nonprofit that helps families across Colorado pay for their energy bills. Energy Outreach Colorado gives families access to community solar subscriptions that deliver bills that reduce their annual home energy costs by 37%.

“The participants who took part in Energy Outreach Colorado’s solar program are excited about the reduction in energy costs for their homes,” said Tess Richey, director of development at Energy Outreach Colorado. “By saving money every month and offsetting CO2 emissions with a cleaner source of energy, families can focus on a healthy and secure future. The Keep the Lights on Colorado campaign will allow us to provide affordable, reliable and efficient energy to even more households who are currently struggling to maintain electricity in their homes.”

Looking at the long-term effects, lower-income communities are disproportionately affected by climate change and environmental hazards such as pollution and CO2 emissions.

“One benefit of this campaign is that Colorado families will have the choice to pay their utility bills at home; only when one’s immediate needs are met can choices be made that have long-term impact,” said Sam Mason, co-owner and commercial design team manager at Namaste Solar. “For example, if I’m struggling with basic needs like energy bills, I may not have the ability to prioritize reducing my impact on the environment.”

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