Multi-purpose adhesives cover all the bases

Gathering the necessary materials for an important flooring project can sometimes be a daunting task for installers. Therefore, it makes sense to consolidate where and when possible to save both time and money, provided that specifications or performance are not compromised. This principle applies especially to multifunctional adhesives. These products are designed to provide a wide range of solutions – and are designed for more than one floor type – all from the same bucket.

In this function, FCNews puts the spotlight on some of the latest multifunctional solutions available on the market today.

multi-purpose glueBasic King

Base King encourages consumers to “think outside the bucket” with its EnviroStix Adhesive Solutions. EnviroStix is ​​compatible with LVT, VCT, carpet tiles, vinyl floors, rugs, stair treads and risers, wall applications and more.

“Unlike most bucket adhesives, EnviroStix Adhesive Solutions is an eco-friendly adhesive product with no odor or corrosive chemicals used in multiple applications,” said Denelle Nunez, president and co-owner of Base King.

on five

Bostik’s ultra-Set SingleStep2 is a high-performance adhesive, noise-reducing membrane and moisture regulator, all rolled into one bucket. According to Jake Stadler, market manager, hardwood and resilient installation systems, this multi-purpose solution eliminates the need for a separate moisture-vapor barrier, adhesive and acoustic underlayment. “There is absolutely no other product on the market that offers this level of assurance to the installer,” he said.

In addition to providing significant labor, time, material and cost savings, Ultra-Set SingleStep2 features patent-pending Thickness Control Spacer technology. This property can guarantee that the correct membrane thickness between the hardwood floor and the substrate is maintained.

multifunctional adhesivesVarious adhesives

A variety of 574 modified pressure sensitive adhesives can be used as a dry-set, wet-set or tacky-wet system, allowing the installer to use this adhesive on multiple types of substrates, whether porous or non-porous. Divergent 574 is suitable for both resilient and carpet applications, as well as rubber tile and vinyl stair treads. According to Sonny Callaham, founder of Divergent Adhesives, it is no longer necessary to keep multiple adhesives in stock. The specially crafted, quick-drying formula has a high moisture tolerance of 99% RH and 12 lbs. In addition, it can provide extremely high shear and peel values ​​that can contribute to a successful installation for your next flooring project.

multifunctional adhesivesSika

SikaBond-T21 is an all-in-one polyurethane adhesive – essentially four installation solutions in one – that provides unlimited moisture protection, noise reduction, crack bridging and full-surface bonding for wooden floors. The easy to apply, one component, moisture reactive adhesive is highly elastic and resists expansion and contraction that can fluctuate between the warmer and colder months. “The bond of SikaBond-T21 remains unchanged during these seasonal changes, while other adhesives may break down,” said Mike Croes, Vice President of Interior Finishing.


The Emiclassic universal adhesive from Schönox is ideal for installing a wide range of floor coverings, including vinyl, linoleum, synthetic rubber, carpet and more. Suitable for both wet tack and pressure sensitive installations, it is eligible for two LEED categories and Emicode EC1 for very low emissions, making this easy-to-apply adhesive environmentally friendly, solvent-free and low-odour. In addition to floor covering applications, Emiclassic can also be used for textile wall coverings.

“Choosing from the myriad of flexible floor coverings available can make your head spin,” said Shane Jenkins, senior technical director. “It makes choosing the right adhesive for each option a breeze.”


Stauf’s D-737, a multi-purpose adhesive, is compatible with a wide variety of floor types such as vinyl, carpet, LVP, SVT, LVT, rubber and more. It can be used as a wet or dry lay method and has a flash off time of 20 minutes for a dry lay method. Stauf D-737 can be used on a non-porous subfloor as well as on adhesive glue.

“When you talk about a multi-purpose adhesive, the D-737 goes beyond this term in what it can do,” said Mark Long, technical director of Stauf Adhesives. “It’s easy to sell as one adhesive for all floors; why buy multiple adhesives for each job when you only need one adhesive? Plus, installers love it for its VOC-free content and very long open time, giving them the confidence to install with ease.”


Taylor Adhesives’ best multi-purpose adhesive comes from the Signature Line-Dynamic adhesive. This quick-grip formula is suitable for carpet, resilient cork underlayments and hard cork-backed surfaces. Originally for LVT/LVP installations, the product’s unique cross-linking ability and longer pot life also make it suitable for wall-to-wall carpeting.

Taylor’s Dynamic adhesive has a water resistant bond, ColorReady technology and has a high resistance to pH and high alkalinity issues. The solvent and isocyanate free adhesive also features antimicrobial technology, making it an environmentally conscious choice, along with low VOC and LEED points. “Dynamic is our best multi-purpose adhesive,” said Gary Scheidker, director of technical services, Taylor.

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