Momentum is building to fund lead pipe replacement across the country: New video

Joanna Slaney, Legislative Director and Sam Lovell, Communication Manager.

As Congress pushes for infrastructure legislation, it’s clear that replacing lead pipes is a priority. This is good news for our health, the country’s infrastructure and the economy. We welcome the attention of Congress and the government on this issue with the inclusion of funding for lead pipes in the presidential American Job Plan.

And it is no wonder that there is a growing interest in this initiative, the last poll of the Navigator shows support for financing lead pipe replacement at 83% nationally – including 73% of Republicans, 80% of Independents and 91% of Democrats. This ties in with previous polls who have found similar overwhelming dual support.

As EDF has written before, a $45 billion investment in lead pipe replacement over ten years would:

  • Protect public health by enabling water systems across the country to quickly begin eliminating the LSLs to protect residents.
  • More than paying for itself. Completely replacing lead service lines across the country would raise more than $205 billion in societal benefits over 35 years—a 450% return on investment—as a result of preventing deaths from heart disease from lead exposure in adults.
  • Permanently upgrade infrastructure by enabling critical upgrades to water distribution systems in a way that protects residents from increased lead in their drinking water when the LSL is disrupted.
  • Reduce differences by enabling utilities to completely replace LSLs, enabling concerns about equality that utilities are currently facing when replacing the lead pipe on private property.
  • Create jobs for the plumbers and contractors who will perform the LSL replacements. This is shovel-ready work with construction and plumbing personnel performing the replacement.

With bills in both the House and Senate aimed at funding the replacement of lead pipes, it is important we keep pushing to ensure that the federal government pushes through to take the pipeline out of our drinking water.

See EDFs new video that explains why lead service line replacement is important, and why it’s a good idea for the federal government to invest in.

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