Mohawk summit gives dealers an ‘edge’

Edge SummitBy Reginald Tucker AAfter delaying Edge 2020 due to the pandemic, Mohawk is going full steam ahead with its 2021 Edge Summit, scheduled for December 1-4 at the Gaylord Opryland in Nashville, Tennessee. In keeping with past events, the 2021 Edge Summit will invite retailers to experience world-class digital programs, new product offerings and industry-leading networking opportunities designed to drive business growth and customer loyalty. But unlike previous Edge tops, this one takes on a greater sense of urgency and excitement.

“After a year of delay, Mohawk is more than ready to host our customers in a big way,” said Jeff Meadows, president, residential sales. “We are coming together for the second Mohawk Edge Summit to celebrate our customers who have done well in a year of uncertainty.”

Karen Mendelsohn, senior vice president of marketing at Mohawk, agreed. “There has never been a more important time for our customers to leverage their edge status with Mohawk. Winning isn’t just about your winnings. It’s about knowing that you took every opportunity to differentiate yourself in your market to gain market share. And with the latest programs and innovative products, we’ve built what consumers want and can ultimately bring them straight to specialty flooring stores.”

Trey Thames, senior vice president, residential sales, Mohawk, said he looks forward to welcoming customers back. “Of course we’ve traveled and seen our clients on the road, but Edge is a place where we get a lot of our best clients – many at the senior level – together for three days that we haven’t seen in a while. ”

Thames said Edge Summit 2021 will be one of the biggest yet — and it’s not just in terms of numbers. “This is probably going to be one of the most important conventions we’ve had just because so much has changed in the last 18 months,” he said. FCNews. “And so much has changed in retail with the consumer, with COVID-19, post-COVID-19, etc. And I think a lot of those changes are likely to be somewhat permanent in terms of buying behavior. Things have been going really well for many of our customers, but I think they also have a lot more questions than they had at the last Edge convention about what the future holds. So I’m excited to see some of the solutions we’ll be showcasing and offering to help them navigate the future of retail.”

New programs, initiatives

Edge dealers will have no shortage of incentives to compete at the top. On tap are several educational sessions organized by specific tracks: Future of Retail; Digital driving; Operational excellence; and Fashion Trends & Inspiration. Each track is based on peer-to-peer sessions and presentations on key topics facing today’s business landscape. “They are all designed and developed to really focus on what we see for the future,” explains Thames.

The lineup of educational sessions was created around the areas where retailers said they needed the most guidance and assistance. Online marketing is one of those areas. “The biggest one is really digital marketing and the overall online consumer experience,” Thames said. “The last 18 months have been really successful with some who may not have paid as much attention to digital advertising and digital/social marketing. That is a place where we have provided our customers with a lot of help and solutions.”

Financing options are another area of ​​focus. “Many of our clients want to take advantage of the consumer financing we offer and the buy-downs we offer our Edge partners, which are significant,” said Thames.

Another big draw, Thames noted, is the networking component that the Edge Summit provides. “When our dealers go to Edge, they love their business and can sit down and network with other retailers who may not be in their market.”

For edge retailers like Craig Phillips, president of Barrington Carpet, Cleveland, the opportunity to reconnect with fellow dealers and Mohawk executives is always welcome. “The convention gives us an opportunity to refresh and re-energize as we continue to emerge from the pandemic and position our businesses to succeed in these challenging times,” he said. FCNews. “The peer-to-peer connections are a crucial part of the success of the convention for me. Talking to dealers from across the country and sharing best practices has always been an important part of the convention for myself and my leadership team who are in attendance.”

Typhannie Watson, owner of Carpeting By Mike, Somerset, Ky., agreed. “One of my favorite things to do is network with industry professionals, the Mohawk team, and other like-minded dealers,” she said. “It’s an opportunity to learn more about what other dealers are doing and where Mohawk is headed in the future.”

That’s not the only draw for Watson. She said she also likes what Mohawk offers from a lead generation standpoint. “I’m a big believer in their marketing campaigns,” she said. “I’ve seen what it has done for me and for my company’s profit margins. They have found a way to grab a customer’s attention and direct them to my store with matching campaigns and tailor me accordingly.”

Phillips of Barrington Carpets agreed, citing Mohawk’s power on the digital side. “Mohawk is making great strides as a leader in the digital marketing side of our industry,” he explains. “This convention promises to give us the tools for continued success as independent retailers.”

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