Mohawk retail partners amped up for Edge Summit

That feedback was very clear: Retailers are looking for real-time, relevant business education opportunities rather than sessions focused on Mohawk-focused initiatives. “They want to hear from outside vendors, experts in their field, to deliver the most relevant training on fashion trends, social media and reach today’s consumers,” Widdifield said. “So that’s exactly what we’re going to give them.”

Mohawk prides itself on getting feedback from retailers. It is a point that is not lost with its partners. “Mohawk always listens to us to find out what we need and tries to help us with any problems,” said Costner of About Floors ‘n More. “That’s the case with our salespeople all the way through to our district managers and even the vice presidents. They are always willing to listen and try to help implement the things we propose.”

So many reasons to be there

While digital marketing initiatives and lead generation tools are a big draw for edge retailers, it’s certainly not the only reason dealers flock to the event. “Given that the show is set to take place in late 2022, this is the first major show that gives you a chance to share what you’re going to do in 2023,” said Roger Ratajczack, vice president of supply chain at S&G Discount Outlet, Sacramento, California. “Mohawk always provides good economic insight into where they believe the market sectors will grow, if business continues to unfold, and where we can apply our focus.”

Of course, there are new products that dealers will enjoy for the first time by attending Edge. “To me, it’s all-encompassing — you get to see the direction, the color schemes, and the variety of styles that Mohawk puts the most effort in terms of qualities and categories,” Ratajczack added.

But perhaps most important is the one-on-one time dealers get with key Mohawk executives. “At Edge, they tend to be a little more accessible than Surfaces,” Ratajczack said. “At Edge, they are mainly there to help the dealers.”

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