Mohawk promotes EverStrand’s attributes – Floor Covering News

In 2022, Mohawk plans to increase EverStrand’s sustainability momentum with new products positioned to reach a new audience. The aim is to educate and influence homeowners on how Mohawk’s EverStrand carpet provides a cleaner home while contributing to a cleaner planet.

“EverStrand offers a sustainability angle that helps solve the challenge of building a connection with first-time home buyers and millennials,” said Denise Silbert, vice president of marketing, soft surface. “EverStrand provides a differentiated value proposition with a good mix of entry-level price points. And with consumers, particularly millennials, preferring sustainable flooring options more than ever before, EverStrand allows retailers to sell flooring that really makes a difference for the environment.”

EverStrand is manufactured using Mohawk’s Continuum, the ultimate innovation in PET carpet. This patented process uses up to 100% post-consumer recycled content and turns it into premium PET. Mohawk said it purchases bundles of the highest food-grade quality polyester bottles from landfills and transforms them into durable, clean and inherently stain-resistant carpet.

“Since we started Continuum, we have recycled nearly 60 billion bottles,” explained Jamie Welborn, vice president of product management, soft surface. “Continuum allows us to help keep plastics out of oceans, waterways and natural environments.”

EverStrand’s difference is not just its sustainability story. It is engineered to resist dirt and stains so it starts clean and stays clean. Additionally, Mohawk’s EasyClean stain and soil protection helps guard carpets against damage from spills, and making them simple to clean so customers can keep their carpet looking newer for longer. As customers trade-up to EverStrand Soft Appeal, they get enhanced softness and ForeverFresh odor-reducing technology to keep their home smelling fresh.

“Along with these features and benefits, retailers will also be able to promote 15 new introductions,” Welborn added. “These products feature multi-color loops, refreshed color palettes, a heavyweight multi-color and tonal and a transitional look in a tonal pattern. Retailers will be able to push EverStrand’s latest introductions with the existing EverStrand displays already on their showroom floor.”

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