Missouri bill would cut down on HOA solar restrictions

The Missouri legislature has a account that would ease HOA solar restrictions, exempt some solar installations from sales taxes, and more.

Renew Missouri hailed the passage of SB 745 as a major Show-Me State solar win and urged Governor Mike Parson to sign the legislation as soon as possible.

According to the organization, SB 745 did not start out as a pro-renewable account. But over the course of the 2022 legislative session, lawmakers added language, including:

  • A ban for owners’ associations (HOAs) to ban solar energy in their covenants and restrictions;
  • an exemption from sales and use tax on solar energy; and
  • the establishment of a task force that will commission a Value of Solar (VOS) study.

Executive Director James Owen noted the importance of protecting homeowners in HOAs from severe restrictions.

“At Renew Missouri, we’re receiving more calls from homeowners who just want to put non-invasive solar panels on their roofs and are faced with vague and misinformed resistance,” Owen noted. “We have devoted a lot of resources to working with HOAs and, if that fails, to file lawsuits.”

Now, Renew Missouri will be able to help HOAs draft the “reasonable limitations” required for the proposed changes to the statute.

“We are eternally grateful to Senator Eric Burlison and Representative Mike Haffner for leading the way on solar access and property rights,” Owen said. “They’ve shown how renewable energy has become a two-pronged issue.”

News item from Renew Missouri

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