Mercier Wood Flooring introduces new hardwood looks

Las Vegas, Canada-based Mercier Wood Flooring launched new floor designs to meet the expectations of designers and homeowners seeking modern yet authentic and durable finished wood floors.

white ash

Known for its grain that resembles beloved white oak with shades ranging from creamy white to medium brown, white ash has highly visible annual rings. The pale, natural tones fit in perfectly with current trends and bring warmth and authenticity to all decors. White ash, already available in the Origins collection (natural, without stain) and Elegancia has been added to the popular Naked and Atmosphere collections.

Mercier’s unique finishing process for the Naked collection gives white ash a European and distinctly modern look, the company said, softening the contrasting colors of this species for a more uniform appearance. Available on the solid – and now engineered – platform, in authentic and distinctive qualities, White Ash Naked is available in widths ranging from 3¼-inches to 6½-inches. It is offered in matte and matte brushed finishes from Mercier Generations.

In the Atmosphere collection, the addition of Breeze, Gleam and Silk colors on white ash extends the existing range. They are available on the solid and engineered platforms in authentic or distinctive quality, depending on the width, and with Mercier’s Generations finish in matte and matte brushed.

red oak

Mercier wood floorsRed Oak has always been one of the most popular types for wood floors. Although the wood itself remains unchanged, the unique coloring method that Mercier Wood Flooring has developed provides a look that, according to the company, is different. New colors Bliss and Halo, applied transparently, advantageously soften the typical pink and red tones of this variety. They are available in matte and matte brushed finishes.

white oak

Mercier wood floorsNew Charm and Silk colors in the Atmosphere collection add even more options to this strain known for its character traits, the creamy beige tones of the sapwood and brown accents of the heartwood. Wide planks in matte and matte brushed finishes complete the look. White Oak is available on the solid and constructed platforms in authentic quality.

“Mercier is our favorite Canadian manufacturer,” says Dean Howell, owner of Moda Floors and Interiors, in Atlanta, Georgia. “Their vertical integration, quality construction and advanced design allow us to personalize customer wood floors to meet their specific needs. We are delighted to represent Mercier in Greater Atlanta Georgia.”

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