Melbourne Plumber Reveals the Most Common Issues Found in Home Inspections

Melbourne, Australia, May 23, 2021 / PRNewswire / – NLK Plumbing, a local plumber in Essendon, says one of the most common problems they encounter in homes is clogged drains. They are often asked by homeowners how to tell if the drains are clogged and explain that there are usually enough warning signs. From overpowering smells to water draining slowly and gurgling noises coming from the pipes, it’s important not to ignore anything that’s not quite right.

While the problem is sometimes obvious, the problem often lies further down the pipelines. Clogged drains in Melbourne can be caused by debris and leaves that may have gotten into the pipes and become trapped, or there could be age wear and tear or tree roots growing in the water supply.

NLK sanitary recommends that homeowners regularly remove materials from the drains, use drainage bins, and do not put anything in the sink or toilet that could lead to a clogged drains. They say trying to fix any problems with home remedies can lead to more expensive repairs later on, so it’s important to call in the experts.

As a professional plumber in Williamstown, NLK Sanitair also regularly takes care of it hot water repairs in Melbourne. Many homeowners face cold showers or poor water pressure because they are concerned about the costs associated with purchasing a new hot water system. Having the system inspected regularly by a licensed technician can often resolve any problems without having to replace the unit.

Problems to be aware of when it comes to a hot water system include leaks, rust-colored water, a lack of hot water, or no hot water at all. Repairs to the unit should be made as soon as the problem arises to save the homeowner money.

Clogged drains and problems with the hot water system are a common problem for many households in Melbourne, but with regular inspections and maintenance done by a professional plumber, homeowners can rest assured that everything is working optimally.

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