MDF offering flooring franchise opportunity

Port St. Lucie, Fla.—Mobile Direct Flooring (MDF) is offering a complete, turn-key system and franchise opportunity providing an immediate start into the flooring business. According to the company, the system goes back in time to local businesses selling a curated collection of products and using up-to-date tools but it’s all from a mobile showroom.

The system was created by James Buckles, CEO, MDF and Ron Temelkoski, founder, MDF. “The Mobile Direct Flooring model was created, improved and field-tested over several years,” Temelkoski said.

Genesis and goals

In his years of creating restoration companies, Temelkoski said he noticed consistent challenges with his flooring installation vendors. MDF’s franchise business offers lower overhead costs for the owner and the accessibility and ease of shopping as demanded by today’s consumers.

Buckles’ floor covering industry experience started with Alan Greenberg as his second employee in the St. Louis office of Carpet Co-op of America. Soon, he said he was consulting with flooring companies in all regions of the country in retail, commercial, builder and multi-family sectors, as well as working for some of the larger organizations, including RFMS, The Maxim Group and the WFCA.

The solution crafted by Temelkoski and Buckles strips away complications and answers the consumer’s demand for a simple, customized shopping experience, according to the company.

Platform creation

At TISE 2022 in Las Vegas, Buckles and Temelkoski met with exhibitors to finalize the platform and processes that make up the foundation of Mobile Direct Flooring. With proof of concept completed, they will now be cementing their partner relationships to expand the MDF franchise.

“We are looking forward to meeting with multiple vendors to scale our framework and enable the MDF turnkey solution to create businesses for hundreds of entrepreneurs,” Buckles said.

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