Maxeon supplying bifacial modules for 315-MW Cypress Creek solar project portfolio

Cypress Creek Renewables placed a multi-year order for approximately 315 MW of Maxeon Solar Technologiesshingled bifacial performance line modules. CCNR has agreed to procure up to 315 MW of Performance line modules to power multiple solar projects in both Washington and Texas.

“Cypress Creek Renewables is excited to be working with Maxeon Solar Technologies to fulfill this mission as we move forward with further development opportunities,” said Sarah Slusser, CEO at Cypress Creek. “Having a solid module partner at this time with a strong manufacturing presence provides our organization with the comfort needed to turn our focus to a seamless project execution strategy.”

Maxeon recently expanded its Performance line module capacity to serve the US solar market.

“We believe that the US solar market is aimed for continued strong growth,” said Jeff Waters, CEO at Maxeon Solar Technologies. “This deal validates Maxeon’s strong position as a major module supplier into the large and growing US utility-scale market. We are pleased to be further strengthening our relationship with key strategic partners like Cypress Creek Renewables and we look forward to continuing to help power their growth in the United States.”

News item from Maxeon Solar Technologies

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