Maxeon extends residential solar module supply agreement with SunPower

Maxeon Solar Technologies struck a new supply agreement with SunPower for the residential solar markets in the United States and Canada. The agreement will govern the supply of Maxeon’s interdigitated black contact solar panels, replacing a previous agreement since the company separated from SunPower in August 2020.

Under the new supply agreement, Maxeon will sell a predetermined volume of its Maxeon 6 panels (marketed in the United States and Canada under the SunPower brand as M-series) to SunPower on an exclusive basis for the residential market through the end of 2022, and, if certain conditions are met, will extend that supply until October of 2023.

Maxeon also will sell volumes of its Maxeon 3 panels, also known as X-series, to SunPower on an exclusive basis for the residential market through the end of 2022. The new supply agreement includes pricing consistent with current market trends.

“In the US residential market, Maxeon products have been the gold standard for over 17 years and have established a well-known reputation for industry-leading performance, quality and reliability,” said Jeff Waters, CEO of Maxeon. “SunPower has a very well-established channel to market with a sales network and customer base who appreciate the benefits of our products. We are pleased to have executed a new supply agreement to continue the exclusive supply of our industry-leading IBC panels through SunPower’s channels into the residential markets in the US and Canada through the end of 2022.”

News item from Maxeon Solar Technologies

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