Massachusetts doubles size of residential solar projects eligible for net metering

On August 11, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, signed H5060, An act that stimulates clean energy and offshore wind, in the law. This far-reaching climate legislation relaxes the net meter limit for residential solar projects to 25 kW, establishes incentives for pollinator-friendly community solar and commercial and industrial projects, and creates a new council that will work proactively to improve state transmission and distribution grid planning.

“Massachusetts just passed groundbreaking climate legislation that will help the Commonwealth invest in the clean energy economy and decarbonise the grid,” said Valessa Souter-Kline, SEIA Northeast Regional Director. “For over a year, the Solar Energy Industries Association has been working with state legislators on climate legislation that will jump-start Massachusetts’ stalled solar economy. Under the new law, residential solar projects up to 25 kW are eligible for the state’s netting program, which is twice the previous limit. This will drive demand for larger residential solar and storage projects and help even more homeowners and small businesses realize the full value of their solar systems.

“We are also pleased to see legislators codify incentives for pollinator-friendly solar projects and support Commonwealth efforts to consider more thoughtful updates to grid modernization and the transmission planning process. This bill will help make a serious dent in Massachusetts carbon emissions, and we commend Speaker Mariano, Senate President Spilka, Speaker Jeff Roy and Chairman Mike Barrett for defending H5060. We would also like to thank Governor Baker for signing this bill, without his leadership this would not be possible,” she continued.

News item from SEIA

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