Masher Matt Murowski Name Valairco Heating and Cooling Highlander Athlete of the Week

BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ – Matt Murowski of Gov. Livingston has been named Valairco Heating and Cooling Highlander Athlete of the Week for his senior leadership, scorching bat and outstanding play behind the plate. Backstop Murowksi was primarily used as a defensive specialist in its second year during the Highlanders 21-5 campaign of 2019. After looking ahead to a breakthrough in the junior year, the pandemic struck, canceling the 2020 baseball season. This year, however, Murowski has made up for lost time and taken his overall game to a new level.

Murowski, a field general behind the saucer, expertly has a pitching staff from Gov. Livingston, who had pitched only a handful of varsity innings this season. His dexterity at blocking pitches coupled with a strong and accurate arm has proved invaluable to the inexperienced staff of the Highlanders.

This season, Murowski was as impressive on the record as he was behind the record. Giving the Highlanders some serious pop in the middle of the order, Murowski has been flirting with the .500 mark all season long. Last week, he shot a few homers, bringing his season total to a team of 4. Selectivity and patience allowed Murowski to put down a lofty .545 on-base percentage. That record discipline was fully visible in a 13-3 round by Plainfield, when Murowski reached on 4 at bats on 3 walks and an HBP. After taking his cuts, Murowski sprayed liners to all fields, resulting in 20 RBI through Gov. Livingston’s first 16 games (12-4).

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“Not only is Matty one of the best catchers in Union County, but I feel the whole state. He has worked really hard this winter from an offensive standpoint, and you can really see it paying off this season,” said Chris Roof , Gov. Livingston head baseball coach.

Matt took the time to answer the following questions from TAPinto Berkeley Heights.

TAPinto: You absolutely crush it on the board, what was your mentality in the batters this season?

Matt: This season I’ve really focused on hitting fastballs fast in the beginning of the count and holding back the speed until I have to swing.

TAPinto: How do you like hitting in 3rd place?

Matt: Hitting third is great, my team is doing great getting on the base for me. I also like to know that I have good hitters in the line-up before and after me.

TAPinto: How hard was it for you to miss your junior year of baseball after being a varsity starter as a sophomore.

Matt: Losing last year was hard for us because we had the young guys we have now and some great seniors who were going to play collageball.

TAPinto: What do you like most about this year’s team?

Matt: Everyone on this team loves baseball and has mental play and is ready for any field. We all want to see each other succeed. That’s what makes us great is that we all prefer to play baseball over anything.

TAPinto: What has Highlander baseball meant to you and what do you remember most of your time under Coach Roof?

Matt: Highlander baseball has taught me tradition and respect. I have a lot to remember from the time I spent here, especially Coach Roof and how high he keeps us to a standard. Coach Roof expects us to perform and gives us everything we need to be successful.

TAPinto: Why did you become a catcher?

Matt: I wanted to be involved in every pitch

TAPinto: You have always been a solid defender behind the plate. How do you try to influence this year’s young pitching staff?

Matt: I always remind them to rely on their defense, stay focused and be hit spots. If they can do that, our transgression will take care of the rest.

TAPinto: Most catchers like to show off their arm, do you enjoy throwing a base stealer or taking one deep?

Matt: I enjoy throwing out runners more


Valairco heating and cooling is the proud sponsor of the Highlander Athlete of the Week. Kevin McHugh, Valairco owner and president and resident of Berkeley Heights, is an alumni of Gov. Livingston High School.

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