Mansfield Plumbing Products Unveils Nyren, Its Dynamic First Bidet Toilet

The toilet, called Nyren, has an electronic seat equipped with a self-cleaning spray head with five adjustable spray positions. The wash functionality of the toilet, including the rear and feminine wash function, reduces the need for toilet paper and provides users with hygienic benefits not available with paper-only cleaning methods.

“We are excited to help Americans introduce bidet toilets with Nyren’s debut,” said Stephanie Radebaugh, sanitary product manager at Mansfield. “Bidet attachments have many hygiene benefits and we look forward to helping people live healthier, happier and greener lives.”

Additional features include six different adjustable settings for water, air dryer and seat temperatures. Along with stationary and motion wash modes, as well as three water pressure levels, the user can easily adjust their most comfortable experience with a wireless remote control.

In addition to Nyren’s extensive personal hygiene benefits, the toilet also promotes sustainability efforts. With a highly efficient flush model that allows the user to choose a full or half flush during wash and two bowl rinses, Nyren saves both water and money. Using a bidet also significantly reduces dependence on disposable products such as toilet paper and drastically reduces the amount of paper waste that goes to sewers and landfills.

Aesthetically, Nyren’s sleek and contemporary design offers a modern style, while remaining universal enough to fit into most bathrooms. An LED light in the bowl adds convenience for nighttime visits.

Nyren is available through wholesalers and direct to consumers at For more information about Nyren and everything Mansfield’s product offers, visit

About Mansfield Plumbing Products:

Mansfield Plumbing Products manufactures millions of sanitary and bath items in its facilities every year Perrysville, Ohio, and Henderson, Texas. Founded in 1929, Mansfield Plumbing is a leading manufacturer of high-quality, high-performance sanitary fittings for use in residential, commercial and institutional markets. For more information visit or call 877-850-3060.

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