Mannington: A new era in design

Marchetta noted that 95% of their work is research. “In a sense, we’re almost trend forecasters because we need to understand what the customer is buying. We need to understand color and the materials the customer uses on the floor. Our collective research points us in the right direction to create looks that consumers love.”

While they may have the same orientation, that doesn’t mean they have the exact same aesthetic. “For example, I tend to be inspired by Scandinavian and Bohemian design, while Terry tends to like looks that are traditional and focus on refined rustic elements,” explains Del Bove. “Renee’s hipper in her approach, probably because she’s the youngest of the three of us. But even though we all have slightly different aesthetics, when it comes to what’s actually going to sell, our basic research puts us all on the same page. And then we can each give it our own twist.”

At the end of the day, it all comes back to relevance. “You have to do what is now because everything we do has to be aligned with products we see in stores that span the spectrum from high-end to mid-range to budget-friendly,” Marchetta said. “West Elm, Crate & Barrel, Target, Home Goods – these are places where our customers shop. Our visuals should be trendy and easily adaptable to what the consumer sees and buys.”

In addition to shopping, it’s also about watching shows on HGTV and browsing Instagram where consumers get their inspiration. “Influencers like Joanna Gaines and the Property Brothers set the tone and inspire consumers,” Cannon says. “We need to make sure we’re relevant and that our floors match the interior styles they showcase.”

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