Madison City Schools investing millions to meet growth demands

MADISON, Ala.- The Madison City School district is investing millions of dollars in new school buildings and renovations to meet the demand for district growth.

“We would be in serious trouble today in terms of enrollment if the board, previous superintendents and the community hadn’t thought of that,” said Chief Inspector Ed Nichols.

In 2019, Madison residents approved a $12 million property tax increase for Madison City Schools, primarily intended to increase revenue for the construction of new schools.

“We couldn’t do this plan without the financial support of our community and our city,” Nichols says.

The district opens a new $35 million elementary school and is building a $50 million high school.

Other $20 million district projects range from a nearly $7 million special education wing to be added to Bob Jones High School, to a new HVAC system and roof installations, paving projects, pre-k renovations and improvements. to sports facilities.

“It’s not very glamorous when you’re installing a new HVAC system. You know there’s no big plaque on the wall that says ‘hey, you’ve got a new HVAC system,’ but let one go down.. So we took that money and said, ‘Hey, let’s use this money for the best we can get in the long run,’” says Nichols.

Superintendent Ed Nichols says it’s all about managing growth.

“You know, schools are designed and if you have to use other parts of a school that aren’t designed for that to contain the overcrowding, then you’re missing the real need that you have within the schools, so we’re excited about what we’re doing.” going into the future,” says Nichols.

Chief Inspector Nichols says that after the district completes its strategic planning process, people can expect more school campus renovation announcements.

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