Luminace and AC Power form community solar development partnership

Luminace and AC Power, a brownfield solar company, have announced a development services agreement (DSA) following their successful collaboration on two community projects in New Jersey.

Under the DSA, AC Power will create sites and manage key development tasks at an early stage. Once an eligible project has achieved construction ready status, Luminace will acquire and build the project and act as a long-term owner and operator. The DSA is the most recent of Luminace’s strategic joint ventures in pursuit of its commitment to advancing its customers’ energy and sustainability goals.

The AC Power team successfully partnered with Luminace to develop two community solar projects made possible by the New Jersey Community Solar Pilot Program. The close collaboration between AC Power and Luminace was essential to the success of these projects, which are expected to add approximately 2.26 MW.DC renewable energy to the local grid and power to approximately 400 homes in New Jersey.

“Luminace is delighted to partner with AC Power to develop solar projects. AC Power’s specialized experience in linking solar to underutilized sites, combined with Luminace’s operational experience and access to capital, will help customers achieve their decarbonization goals while reducing costs,” said Brendon Quinlivan, SVP of luminace.

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