Local Roofing Contractor in West Palm Beach Getting Spotlighted with their New Roof Replacement Projects

Roofing Companies near me West Palm Beach is a South Florida company that has long been recognized for providing quality Replace new roof Services. If the company operates closer to the West Palm Beach location or further afield in West Palm Beach or other parts of Palm Beach and Broward County, this is the case. The remarkable craftsmanship of the company’s staff, along with their dedication to providing excellent customer service, has resulted in a slew of positive feedback about their roof replacement work. It was brought to their attention by William Pultron, the company spokesperson, that this was a great source of pride for everyone at the company.

New roof West Palm Beach

The director of this local roofer in West Palm Beach, William Pultron, says: “Roofing companies near me West Palm Beach is fortunate to have a team of highly skilled and experienced roofers who guide us through every part of our business. In addition, our company is one that treats its customers with respect, and when we promise them something about a new roof task, we make sure we keep that promise. It is because of this complete strategy that we use in our whole house roof replacement work that we have received such positive feedback from our roof replacement customers. Our greatest pride comes from receiving a positive evaluation from a client after we renovated their home and learned that we exceeded their expectations in all areas of the project.

It is common for this company to receive 5 star ratings for its: roof replaced West Palm Beach services, and these particular testimonials are no exception. Mr. Liendo expressed his gratitude by saying, “Roof companies near me in West Palm Beach have done an excellent job! I received excellent service throughout the entire process, from the first phone call to the office through the provision of a quote and the installation of the roof. They were polite and efficient and their work was of good quality. I would without a doubt recommend this company to anyone in need of a new roof.” In his review, Will Carlton expressed his gratitude, saying: “The roofing work completed for me has been done correctly and carried out to extremely high standards. Every communication with the office was handled in a professional manner. This gave me the impression that the was a well run organization and it has proven to be so, I am quite satisfied with their work and the way we were treated as customers.”

Pultron also said that when they first talk to someone about to replace the roof in West Palm Beach, the process always starts with a free full roof inspection. They have a team of highly experienced technicians who run the full length and width of the building. They look for things such as areas of the roof that may indicate the presence of a sheathing problem, as well as areas of the building where water leaks are frequent, to see if these areas require special attention during the installation process of a new roof. He went on to explain that they will even assess the roof for adequate ventilation to ensure that the new shingles or other roofing material they are installing will cover the roof long enough. Free quotes are also standard when talking to customers about installing a new roof. According to the company’s spokesperson, buyers should expect a forecast that is both accurate and complete. He thinks customers in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach and Broward County appreciate that no additional fees are credited to their account at the end of their transaction.

Roofing Companies Near Me The West Palm Beach spokesperson provided insight into how they approach each roof repair project. This process begins with the removal of the existing roofing material and insulating underlayment. At this stage, he says, the crew will conduct a secondary roof survey of the roof’s structural components to identify any problems with the wood cladding or other issues that were difficult to detect during the initial roof inspection. Once any issues have been resolved, they will proceed to install a brand new layer of insulating underlayment, followed by new shingles or the customer’s other preferred roofing material. Pultron states that before they complete the project, they will thoroughly seal all chimneys, roof vents and other roof overhangs, and the project will not be considered complete until a thorough cleanup of the client’s yard is completed. This is the company’s recipe for success when it comes to roof replacement services, and the positive feedback they receive confirms it.

Those looking for a “new roof” can contact this respected local roofer by phone, email, or by using the “Make an Appointment” form on their website. They serve West Palm Beach, Palm Beach and Broward Counties.


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