Living Less Unsustainably: Metal Roofs

You can help cool the planet, especially the cities where most of us live, end a major source of landfill waste, stop oil extraction and improve the value of your home in one easy step.

A metal roof. The next time your roof needs to be replaced, or better yet, take a closer look at the benefits of metal. Most metal roofing is made from recycled materials and when your new metal roof wears out in 50 years, it can easily be recycled again. Asphalt shingles are extracted from oil and go to landfill at the end of their much shorter life. Metal roofs absorb much less heat than asphalt and also reflect more incident sunlight, even in the dark colors. But do not choose a dark color. The universal application of light-colored metal roofs could cool urban areas by 3 or 4 degrees. Your house and attic also stay cooler. Yes, a metal roof is more expensive, but when costs are averaged over the life of the roof, a metal roof costs about forty percent less than composite shingles. I’ve installed several metal roofs and an experienced DIYer can do the job in less time than an asphalt roof, but since the roof lasts a lifetime, it may not be a skill you want to master. The old corrugated iron roof has long since disappeared. The modern standing seam version has only a few visible fasteners and is stronger and lighter than the composition. There are two local metal roof manufacturers, so even the shipping costs are lower. A federal tax credit will lower the cost of your new metal roof, and the Oregon legislature may examine policies to encourage metal roofing’s triple victory going forward. Save energy. Reduce waste dumping and oil extraction. Cool the planet. reduce home maintenance costs. I think that was five wins. The rain will return. Are you ready? Local Standing Seam Manufacturers: Legacy Metal Works Harrisburg The Steel House Cottage Grove

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