Lions Floor unveils new distribution center

Outside of the immediate area, Guo said the distribution center in Houston will cover South Texas and Louisiana. He also announced the hiring of three full-time representatives for San Antonio, Austin and New Orleans. The company also has plans to open a warehouse and distribution center in Dallas to cover both that city and the northern part of the state and surrounding areas. The expected timetable for the opening of the Dallas facility is Q2 2023. “This will be our central hub for the South and Midwestern states,” explained Guo.

To ensure that customer orders are fulfilled quickly and efficiently, Lions Floor has developed an online customer portal where users can log into a secure system to check the status of their orders, obtain delivery information and follow up on any pending claims. Customers can also request real-time sales reports of the top-selling Lions Floor products. “These features enable our dealers to work in a timely and productive manner,” said Guo.

Tailor-made for Texas

Some suppliers take a “one-size-fits-all” approach to their product development and marketing efforts. Lions Floor is not one of those companies. Looking to further differentiate itself in a sea of ​​equality, the company has introduced new SPC lines specifically aimed at the Texas market.

Packaged under the Lone Star Spirit XL collection, the bespoke collections offer versatile and sophisticated exotic woody designs with the latest EIR technology and an additional length profile of 1.8 meters long x 9 inches wide and 1.2 inches fat. The line also includes an eight-color entry-level model in a 6-foot-long x 7-inch-wide format with a 5.5mm wear layer.

“The styles are very similar to our popular Indoor Delight collection, but the colors are made in proportion to Texas demand, in other words, more rustic, more barnwood and more country-style,” explains Guo. “We’ve seen a preview of these colors on Surfaces and we’ve had very good feedback on the colors.”

In creating the looks, Lions Floor works together with its sister company in China. There, artists take digital camera images of real hardwood planks to form the color films that will be used to mass reproduce the lines. Those films are then picked by the in-house designers, according to Guo, and sent back to the US-based Lions Floor design team to see which ones are best suited for the market.

The company is applying for design/pattern copyrights in both China and the US. The new SPC designs are not only exclusive to Lions Floor, Guo says, they are also made to offer consumers fewer repeat patterns in a box. This results in a more realistic and natural image, especially when it comes to hardwood replicas. “We made two different color films for each color, making it possible to make eight to ten repetitions [compared to the typical 20 repeats]Guo explains. “We’re creating a look that’s closer to engineered hardwood, so customers can have the beauty of wood floors, but in SPC, which offers ease of installation and maintenance.”

All Lions Floor SPC products are tested in US labs for compliance with industry standards. Furthermore, all products are made from 100% ecological ingredients and are FloorScore, CARB-2 and Greenguard Gold certified.

Future plans

Lions Floor continues to invest heavily in its distribution infrastructure as sales of its products continue to grow. According to Guo, sales in the first half of 2022 will be 20% higher than in the same period last year. Given the current trend, Guo expects growth to approach 100% by 2022.

In anticipation of this anticipated growth, Lions Floor will continue to expand its presence across the country and partner with several distribution centers in select markets. The company already has a strong presence in its backyard in Southern California, and it also plans to establish a facility in Arizona by the end of 2022. The company also secured coverage in the central region of the country through Mozaik Surface Concepts, which covers Utah, Idaho, Montana, Colorado and parts of Nevada.

“We’ve seen tremendous sales growth with our distributors,” Guo said.

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