Laticrete supports Floor Covering Education Foundation

Dalton-Laticrete has been added to the list of supporters of The Floor Covering Education Foundation (FCEF). Laticrete is a family-owned company that produces construction solutions, including tile and stone installation and maintenance systems, resinous and decorative floor finishing systems, masonry veneer installation systems and other materials used in the construction industry.

Laticrete said it will provide product and technical support for FCEF’s Technical College Program. The program is currently being tested at Georgia Northwestern Technical College here, but FCEF plans to expand this program to other colleges in the near future, the company said.

“Supporting suppliers with product donations is hugely helpful in rolling out more training across the country,” said Jim Aaron, FCEF Executive Director. “We are delighted to have Laticrete on board for our future programs.”

The second round of the 10-week basic floor installation program at GNTC is already underway. The next class starts on August 15th and progresses to a 15-week 12-credit semester course. This opens the program for eligibility for financial aid and other scholarships available for accredited programs.

“Laticrete is proud to do our part to support FCEF and the flooring industry,” said Arthur Mintie, Laticrete vice president of customer experience. “We want to make sure that anyone aspiring to be a flooring craftsman has the tools and training to get started.”

Laticrete said it is committed to the research and development of innovative installation products and is an industry leader for high-quality products and unparalleled technical services.

“One of our brand promises is to provide the best installer experience,” Mintie added. “Partnering with FCEF helps us deliver on that promise from the start with new floor professionals.”

While FCEF has made great strides in raising awareness and making training available, there is still a long way to go to make up for an ongoing shortage, the company said.

“We are grateful for all the industry support we have received thus far,” said Kaye Whitener, Director of Operations for FCEF. “Providing tools and materials is a big help as we roll out more programs. We want students to learn with high-quality tools and products. We have a long list of supplies and tools needed for each program and are so grateful that Laticrete has removed many supplies from the purchase list.”

For other flooring industry suppliers and manufacturers who would like to support FCEF’s work, please visit to see all the ways to support FCEF’s initiatives. For those interested in FCEF’s scholarships and programs, visit start.

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