Laticrete introduces new epoxy primer

epoxy primerBethany, Conn.-Laticrete, a leading manufacturer of globally proven construction solutions for the building industry, has launched Spartacote Prime-N-Go, a versatile, two-component epoxy primer that simplifies the installation process by eliminating the need for mechanical preparation such as grinding and/or blasting.

As the first epoxy primer of its kind to be used in Laticrete’s resinous coatings line, this new solution creates a strong bond to the substrate, improving the overall adhesion of the system to smooth, non-porous and non-absorbent surfaces. Spartacote Prime-N-Go also accelerates project turnaround times, eliminates dust, debris and site waste, and delivers superior durability, the company said.

“Mechanical prep work is widely regarded by most resinous coating contractors as a requirement for all coating projects – until now,” said Ben Lampi, product manager at Laticrete. “With Spartacote Prime-N-Go, this step is no longer a requirement for surface coating, making it the ultimate primer solution and installation tool for creating efficiency and optimizing productivity in floor installations.”

With its ability to reduce equipment required on site, Spartacote Prime-N-Go accelerates project turnaround times and eliminates the disruption, clutter and noise associated with mechanical preparation, the company said. Formulated to meet all major low-VOC and low-odor regulations, including SCAQMD requirements, the company said the product’s multi-purpose benefits allow for greater field flexibility and improved leveling properties, making it easy to work with and reduce the number of surface defects while creating a better overall end result. In addition, it is said that construction site waste and mixing errors are prevented by a two-to-one mixing ratio.

The product delivers superior performance and consistent coverage on a wide variety of substrates in indoor and occupied spaces in the residential, healthcare, retail, education and hospitality industries. With Spartacote Prime-N-Go, Laticrete said its users can effortlessly enhance the application experience and achieve a higher quality finish.

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