Küberit USA wins Silver Award in Best of NeoCon

Kuberit VSChicago, Illinois – Küberit USA won the Silver Award in the Best of NeoCon competition for its Küberit Expansion Profile product. According to the company, this is the company’s first year at NeoCon and its first entry into the competition. “We are delighted that Küberit’s hard work and innovation are recognized by the commercial interior design community and the Best of NeoCon jury,” said Karen Bellinger, Executive Director of Küberit USA. “Our thanks to everyone within the NeoCon organization and the design professionals who served on the 2022 jury.”

The Küberit Expansion Profile competed in the special flooring category and contained the product solution for installing floor coverings over expansion joints and saw cuts. The unique construction of the profiles allows movement of the joint, while a strong style statement is available for use with floor coverings from 2mm to 15mm. New to the market, Küberit Expansion Profiles solve decades of flooring problems with an innovative design and functional solution for use with any floor covering.

“As we travel across the US to meet design professionals and project planners, it is exciting to showcase the Küberit product range with its innovative solutions, specification method and aesthetic presentation,” said John Solberg, sales and business development manager, Küberit USA. “Seeing Küberit innovation confirmed by the Best of NeoCon jury with a Silver Award encourages us even more to help customers with profile solutions for every project, design and surface.”

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