Kohler Power enters clean energy backup market with line of LFP energy storage systems

Generator company Kohler Power expands into clean energy with a new line of energy storage systems and joins its generator competitor Generac in marketing for the residential solar customer.

The 10 kWh Kohler Power Reserve energy storage system with two 5 kWh extension units

“Kohler has provided distributed energy solutions that power homes and businesses around the world for over 100 years,” said Brian Melka, president of Kohler Power Group. “We are leveraging that history of trusted expertise to improve the energy resilience of homes and small businesses through this exciting product launch. Clean energy plays a vital role in the future of sustainable living and the continued expansion of Kohler Power for the next 100 years. “

The Kohler Power Reserve energy storage system can be AC ​​or DC coupled. Homeowners can access and manage their stored power through the Kohler app that allows users to choose the operating mode for their system (backup, self-sufficiency, time of use, or custom) to personalize their battery’s storage and output.

“Kohler Power Reserve’s new product line allows us to support customers who have invested in solar energy for their homes by offering them a smart storage solution to efficiently optimize their home’s power usage,” said Kyle Brandemuhl, Kohler Power General Manager of Residential and Power Products. “With this modular system, homeowners have easier access to their stored solar energy for use at night, on cloudy days or as a backup system for when the power grid goes down.”

For homes without solar energy, the Kohler Power Reserve energy storage system provides a way to store energy from the grid during times of lower rates and then rely on the batteries for power during peak periods, while providing the home with backup power in the event of a power failure.

Kohler’s 10 kWh, 15 kWh and 20 kWh units all deliver 7.6 kW of continuous power. The main system of 10 kWh can be combined with an extension of 5 kWh. The Kohler Power Reserve System uses lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery chemistry.

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