July 2022 Issue: 2022 Top Solar Contractors

Three cheers for the Top Solar Contractors of 2022!

The Top Solar Contractors List each year offers a unique opportunity to get out of the daily slog to reflect on how successful the previous year really was. In 2021 we were well into the second year of coronavirus interruptions, tariff battles intensified and supply chains slowed down timelines. And yet we ended the year better than we thought possible.

The companies in our Top 10 may change every year, but the only thing that remains constant is the ever-increasing installation numbers. The Top 10 of the 2022 Top Solar Contractors list completed 2 GW more than last year’s top performing contractors. It’s a really great achievement that we’re happy to acknowledge here.

Before we overanalyze and worry about the end of this year, let’s celebrate the 2022 class of the best solar installation companies in the United States. Congratulations on leading the industry! We also want to congratulate our Solar Champions who are making a difference in their communities and workplaces to ensure success for years to come. Check out our individual award winners later in this issue.

We’ve said it before, but Top Solar Contractors award season is our favorite here at Solar Power World. Hearing the little success stories that we may have missed while we’re preoccupied with current issues gives us all the warm feelings that everyone should cherish, every day in an industry as important as renewable energy.

Remember: you make a difference every day in many lives. Thank you!

Solar Power World Editors

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