Ipsun Solar develops white-label PV management app

a division of Ipsun Solar has created a new application called sunvoy to improve communication between customers and solar installers and increase access to real-time monitoring.

Ipsun Sunvoy Logo

“We are so excited to introduce Sunvoy to the world,” said Herve Billiet, CEO of Ipsun. “As solar installers, we know that an informed customer is a happy customer and that a happy customer brings in referrals and grows the solar movement. After trying so many third-party applications to help us communicate with our customers, we knew that as installers we had to do it ourselves. No one else could understand so clearly what we needed. Now we want to share Sunvoy with other solar installers so we can all have happy customers and get our work done at the speed needed to tackle the climate crisis.”

Rather than using third-party options, Sunvoy is white-label software that can be customized to fit any company’s process and branding. It serves as a customer portal, production monitoring app, and company-wide app that hosts customers’ information and requests in one location.

Sunvoy provides customers with a project tracking guide that keeps them informed during the design, permitting, construction and interconnection phases. After the system is powered on, solar owners can see their hourly energy production, open a support ticket, view relevant documents and photos, send a referral code to a friend, and view their installer on various platforms.

“The number of people calling and asking for updates has dropped dramatically,” said Patrick Cavanaugh, sales director at Ipsun. “This gives my team more time to focus on cultivating new opportunities and growing the business.”

Project managers can stay on top of their projects and text clients requesting reviews and referrals. With a real-time map showing every project in a company’s fleet, crew members can locate the day’s task or map the day’s maintenance route. Color-coded production indicators show which systems are not producing as expected and have the highest priority for maintenance.

“I like using the app in the field,” said Daniel Remaley, operations director at Ipsun. “I can just pull out my phone, see where all the jobs are for the day and keep an eye on the maintenance crew’s projects on one screen. I can request information from customers and see their contracts, photos of site surveys or recent communications because the app is integrated with our CRM, HubSpot. And when I talk to a happy customer, I can send them a quick review request. Having everything in one place has made my life much easier.”

Fortunat Mueller, CEO of ReVision Energy, a Sunvoy customer, added, “We’ve been talking about exactly this functionality for about five or six years, and while we’re talking about it, Ipsun just went out and built it.”

In the bigger picture, Sunvoy has the ability to collect solar production data from all users, allowing individual homeowners, entire businesses, localized regions, or even government agencies to accurately measure the amount of renewable energy being produced at any given time. whatever scale applies to their use. This data is retrieved from the inverter or microinverters of each solar system. Sunvoy currently integrates with most inverter brands, including Enphase, SolarEDGE, and SMA, with more to come.

Joe Marhamati, co-founder of Ipsun Tech, said: “The ability to collect accurate data on solar energy production in different regions has major implications for the fight against climate change. It can help governments or larger companies with multiple locations. in determining the amount of solar energy produced compared to their stated goals.We are hopeful that Sunvoy can be a great tool for entities large and small to get a real-time view of their efforts in the field of sustainability and to encourage others to get involved.”

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