Intersect Power purchases 2.4 GW of First Solar panels for future U.S. projects

North American Clean Energy Project Developer Cutting current has agreed to purchase 2.4 GW of First Solar thin-film solar modules for delivery to US projects between 2024 and 2026.

The modules will be deployed in Intersect Power’s solar, storage and green hydrogen projects that will come online from 2025 to 2027 in the United States. Most of the modules are expected to be manufactured at First Solar’s manufacturing complex in northwestern Ohio.

“Intersect Power’s ongoing relationship with First Solar has been critical in rapidly scaling our business to meet our vision and reliably deliver value and performance to our customers to support their decarbonisation goals” said Sheldon Kimber, chief executive officer of Intersect Power. “We look forward to deploying this large-scale portfolio and creating high-paying U.S. jobs in both construction and manufacturing with First Solar’s domestically produced modules.”

“Intersect Power is leading by example by maximizing the impact of its investments on the U.S. economy without sacrificing competitiveness,” said Georges Antoun, First Solar’s Chief Commercial Officer. “By driving its growth with U.S. solar, Intersect Power directly supports U.S. manufacturing and jobs and enables a sustainable domestic supply chain. It also demonstrates the ability of U.S. solar technology to not only compete, but to transition of our country towards a sustainable energy future.”

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