Intense heat makes outdoor jobs at times unbearable

FLUSHING, Mich. (WJRT) – Bobby Beyette and Lockhart Roofing, while laying gravel after gravel, found himself sweating heavily on the roof of a customer’s home in Flushing Wednesday.

“It’s hot. It’s super hot, mainly because we’re using black clapboards, so it’s like it reflects even more than if you had a lighter shade shingle,” Beyette said.

How hot? The actual outside air temperature at the house when we were there read 87 degrees.

The temperature on the roof can easily increase by 5 to 20 degrees.

“The tools are so hot that you burn your hands if you touch them. The sweat is running off your face, so we’ve got these rags that you can put water on and put it on like a headband,” he said.

Beyette is one of three other roofers; they act as a team — they watch out for each other. They know when enough is enough and it’s time for a break in the shade.

Heat exhaustion can set in very quickly.

We wanted to know how much water these guys drink. They’ve been there for 5 hours. Beyette tells me 8 bottles so far. At 16.9 fluid ounces per bottle, that’s 135.2 ounces, that’s just under 17 cups of water — and their day isn’t over.

“When it gets really hot, you want to make sure you stay hydrated — because you’re high. If you get dizzy or something like that, you can easily walk off the roof,” he said.

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